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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Road trip anyone?????

So how does one travel around the province cheap and fast to get license plates???   How about a motorcycle?  A helicopter?   A drone????    I have several days planned to get some more plates in Ontario and well - it is crazy.

I managed to get a couple more in Ontario yesterday - Guelph, Fergus and Georgetown.  What I need is a "friend" in Northern Ontario.

Anyway - here is the recap for Vermont so I can get onto the rest of my life.

A Quilter's Garden - Montpelier      - got TWO plates and the pattern

4757 VT A Quilter's Garden • Montpelier LUV 2 QUILT %_s.png

Stitched - Shelburne - got the pattern and the plate

4600 VT Stitched • Shelburne MAKE YOUR WORLD_1_s.png

Yankee Pride - Essex Junction   - got TWO plates and the pattern

4962 VT Yankee Pride Quilts • Essex Junction QLT TO BE HAPPY_resized.png

4963 VT Yankee Pride Quilts • Essex Junction VT QUILT HEAVEN_resized.png

Sunny Laurel Sisters - Colchester   - got the plate and the pattern for 2015.  Loved the 2014 pattern so much - I picked it up as well.  Not sure what it has to do with water - but cute country scenes.

3204 VT Sunny Laurel Sisters • Colchester Sip N Stitch_s.png

And there you have it - all the plates I picked up on my way home.   BUT - there are other provinces.   The Nova Scotia plates are in the mail, the NB plates are taken care of thanks to Marie and Shelley, the Manitoba plates are all picked up and waiting to be mailed (thanks to my longtime NON quilter friend Jen), ALL the Saskatchewan plates are waiting to be picked up  (thanks to Susan), Salt Spring Island (thanks to my aunt Yvonne), Burnaby store (thanks to my non-quilting sister-in-laws), Penicton area covered (again - another non-quilting sister-in-law - Donna), Canmore - thanks to Pauline, Calgary (thanks to Facebook friend Kathy and neighbour - Rhonda), St. Albert (biking buddy - Neil).   Now some of these may fall through - it is hard when on vacation to get stuff, especially if you don't have a car so don't worry Rhonda.  But you can see the coordination needed to make all this happen. Oh - I think Liz was going to try and pick up something as well - haven't heard from her yet. I am also swapping about 25 more plates with various culprits and hope to get some more from the US.  That is a whole co-ordination nightmare in itself.   And if I end up with duplicates - that is OK as I have people I am trading with. 

And then we get to Ontario. Don't even ask.  There are 77 plates in total in this province.  I physically have 10 in my hands.  Six I picked up myself and four thanks to Lois, Ruth and Marilyn.  BUT at last count, there are 29 that have been ordered/picked up by friends who live in those areas or who have travelled there to pick them up.  BIG BIG thanks to   Elaine (not me!), Pat, Maureen, Maria, Joyce, Laurraine, Nancy, Claire, Mary, Carol and Shelley. They are just feeding my frenzy!!!!!!

I have a couple of days planned to get some more and so that leaves 10 that need a warm body to pick them up!   Those are the ones in the outer reaches of our great province.    OK - back to the planning table.  Yikes!!!!   There must be a circular loop that one could do to make that happen. 

Here are the ones that I don't have  

Creekbank Sewing - Mount Forest
Diane's Creative Elements - Sturgeon Falls
Life's a Stitch - Sault Ste. Marie
Mother's Fabric - Wiarton  (2 plates)
Needleworks Studio - Cochrane
The Cottage Quilter - Corbeil
The Needlebox - Little Current
The Quilting Barn - New Liskeard
Homespun Designs - Stouffville   (Carol or Elaine may have picked this up)

By George - I think you could go across Manitoulin Island and a "short" detour north and yes - you could get those all in one trip.  Anyone up for a LONG road trip????   2 days!!!   You only live once and wouldn't it be exciting to get ALL the plates from Ontario!!!!!   Well - let's see what Liz came up with on her trip and well..........

BUT where does one keep all these things when you are collecting them?????    In your Plate and Pin Pal of course!!!!!   I went to Undercover Quilts and More yesterday. The store is located  in Fergus and Betty Gormack designed this little holder.  I met Betty in PEI and her, Robin and I went out for dinner one night. I bought the kit so maybe that is what I will do today so I can easily keep all these collectibles in one place. I wonder how many plates it will hold????

Plate and Pin Pal

My plates that I physically have in my hands!!!!

On top of that - the month of July is also the Soutern Ontario Shop Hop. There are 15 stores in that shop hop. I snagged three of them yesterday.  Not sure if I will get them all, but there is a free kit to pick up in each store - the theme is blue and white.   It is doable - 15 stores in one month!!!   Heck - I've done 9 in one day!!!!!

Kits for the July Shop Hop

Last night was a perfect night to test out the new Radler beer in a can.  It really is like a cooler - very refreshing.  Now you remember me saying that I could only find TWO cans in my local Beer Store. 

The ONLY two cans in my beer store

Look at the display in one of the New Brunswick stores!!!!   And there is that ORANGE bike!!!!!  Marie checked and the date of the draw is July 26th!!!!   I can't wait that long to see if Marie wins!!!!!   She put in another entry. 

The ORANGE Radler bike!!!!

And if you can't win an orange bike - you can always make your bike orange.   I heard through the grapevine that Connie (a friend of Marie's) is going to paint her bike orange.  I think she needs to come to NB and enter that contest a LOT so she is pretty much guaranteed to win. Or she should be sending Marie to the Beer Store everyday to put in another ballot.  Hey - that is what friends are for!!!!!   Marie - if you would like us to come and drink that beer for you - well just say the word!!!!

There is to be absolutely NO LAUGHING or SHAKING of the head as how silly we are.  This row by row is like school for adults.  Geography!  Oh yes - I have learned the geography of many states and provinces over the last month and I am sure not done. Budgeting - well that went out the window in the first week. Scheduling - oh yes - that is a huge component - god forbid that you arrive at a store that has already closed for the day. Logistics - how to minimize the driving distance and maximum the number of plates or patterns acquired in one day.   Coordination - how to swap plates with 5 different people and have no one end up with duplciates. So technically I look at the Row by Row as a way of keeping our minds FREE of mental illness that hit as you age.   We are all going live LONG LONG lives - which is good because we will need that long to use up our stashes!!!!!

On that note - enough of my day has been consumed by Row by Row stuff.  I need to get to work.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, July 4, 2015

And so the madness continues................

Row row row your boat - gently UP the stream of insanity!!!!     Yes - we are all a bunch of crazies!  And I love that so many friends and family members who are NOT quilters have said YES when asked to pick something up.  I hope they realize that they are just adding fuel to the feeding frenzy!!!!

Here is what I scooped when I went through New Hampshire...............

I hit TWO stores on the most northern tip of the state.

One Stitch, Two Stitch in Littleton

They had TWO plates - got them both


I also got the kit. They had a very nice display of the Row by Row in their store and THREE different configurations of their row - a horizontal, a vertical and something else - I can't remember!

I also found the Bobbin the Robin pattern at this store.  It was very hard to find. Only ONE store had it!


Seams Sew Easy - Woodsville -    (no internet presence)

Got the license plate and the kit.

5099 NH SEAMS SEW EASY • Woodsville IM A CUTUP_resized.png

Still have a lot more row by row to poast and each day - the stack gets bigger, but I will get through it.

I called Peachtree Quilts in Regina and the GREEN plush is winging its way to me for the last girlie John Deere quilt.  I double checked on the website of the distributor and YES - GREEN is GREEN - there is only one colour called green and it is that emerald or Roughrider green!!!!!!

So while I wait for that backing to get to me - I have other quilts to quilt.  Now this is going to be a first.  Well maybe a second.  You see I just quilted those three girlie John Deere quilts which I just put together in the last couple of months. Then while on vacation, I finished this quilt which I only started a few months ago and it got quilted yesterday!!!!   Oh yes - this has NEVER happened before. And I have TWO more smaller quilts of mine (plus the last girlie John Deere quilt) that NEED to be quilted ASAP.

My quilt - DONE

This is the free mystery quilt that was designed by Sherri Hisey of Border Creek Station for Quilts at the Creek  My quilt is going to be in the show - Quilts at the Creek - so come by and see it in person.  There will be lots of others and it will be fun to see how everyone treated the mystery instructions.

Quilts at the Creek is an outdoor quilt show at Black Creek Pioneer Village - July 18 and 19.  It is going to be loads of fun. I've never been before and this year - I have a quilt in the show and signed up for a great class. I can't wait. Come on out!!!!!!!  I hear they have over 250 quilts.  Going to be an awesome event.

I am slowly making my way through the projects, bags and boxes that are sitting around. I am really really trying to not put anything in UFO status - that is why the room is such a disaster. I only have so much time and at one point, I will have to pack some stuff away, but I am determined!!!!  

Remember this project that I worked on while I was away................

The crazy ender and leader project - while I was away!!!!

Got home - found the rest of the project box.  Yep - there are the "missing" spools of thread and a whole lot more FINISHED blocks.   In total there are 36 blocks - 30 are completely finished - the other six need about 5 minutes of applique each.   So that has moved UP the ladder and I WANT to get it done.   The project is called Fickle Pickle by Bee Creative Studio.  For the life of me - I have no idea where the pattern is, but I found a picture on the internet which is how I remember the name.

The thread and the rest of the blocks

As you know - I have many obsessions. While quilting is a huge one, reading is also another one.  I LOVE the library.  BUT I also have quite a collection of books (OK - compared to a lot of people - this might be small), but the bottom two shelves have FIFTY books each (yes - count them - there are TWO rows of 25.  Yes - doesn't seem like 25 in each row - and that's a rough number) and the top shelf has 25 books - more or less. So we are talking 125 books here.  Let's say that I read ONE book a week - that is TWO years of reading. Never mind that some of them are part of a series and one must never read books in a series out of synch.

My books to read

The best part is that ALL my novels are consolidated in one spot. This is it and once I read those books - they are given away.  I will not knowingly reread a book. What is the point???  Although I just finished reading The Runaway Jury by John Grisham and for some reason - I didn't remember the book, but I have a sneaking feeling that I read it many years ago!!!!   Which is why having that list of "books read" is a good thing.

Instead of using the library - I am going to try and get some of these books read and rely on the library to fill in the mising books from the series. But no - the library had different thoughts on that - I got an e-mail telling me that I had FOUR items on hold. DRAT - well one was a book and THREE were DVDs.

Movies to watch

The bottom three are from the library and when I was taking a picture this morning of the bookshelf, I found TWO movies that belong to us that I have never seen.   And shoot - I completely forgot that Tish and Lynn lent me a pile of movies and they sit right in front of the computer. DUH!!!!!!   Oh well - good thing because I will have SEVEN quilts that need to be BOUND ASAP so no minutes to be wasted.

Guess what I will be doing each evening.  First I need to get those quilts trimmed and get the binding on.

Also found an extra book of LOGIC puzzles.  Bernice - did you want this????   If not - any other takers??  I bought it at Value Village in Missisauga and found another one at Value Village in Charlottetown.  Funny that both have the same number of puzzles completed - the first 5 and the rest is blank!!!!   I love these things and wish I could make it a priority - but those damn novels get in the way!!!)

Logic puzzle book

When I was at the movies this past week, we saw the trailer for the Minions movie.   I thought I should watch the Despicable Me and Despicable Me Two movies - those little Minions are so cute.  Turns out we have Despicable Me Two.  Duh!!!!!

Anyway - when I was in Micheals the other day - look what I found!!!!!   Too cute.

Minions tins

In the parking lot - I saw this car.  Now I LOVE that little Fiat, but these accessories were just adorable

Eyelashes on the car!!!!!

This next photo is a pet peeve so bear with me for two seconds.  I am filling my car up with gas yesterday and this van pulls up RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STATION.  A lady in her 60s gets out. I so wanted to say something - there is REAL PARKING just a few feet beyond where she parked.  Let's just say that she could have used the extra steps - and guess what she bought???? Cigarettes!!!!   Obviously her health is NOT on her list of priorities.

I kept my mouth shut but I gave her the evil eye!!!!

Is this a parking spot????  I think not!!!!!
 Drives me crazy when people feel they are "entitled" to park wherever it is convenient for them.

The next photos are from this morning in the forest.  We are walking along, minding our business when I hear rustling in the woods.  Wait - what is that????   Oh  - a skunk - thank goodness my old girls are no longer as sharp as they used to be. They had no clue and wouldn't have been interested anyway.

That black thing - yes - Mr. Skunk
 And then we are in a completely different part of the forest and I hear rustling again and whoa - there is ANOTHER SKUNK.  The first one was never aware of us, but the second one was - but no defensive action was necessary.

Mr Skunk on the left - the black thing
And if you look on the tree between the two big trees - there is a raccoon climbing up that tree.  Big excitement in the forest this morning!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.  Got stuff to do and classes to teach and THREE quilt stores on my list of things to do today.  Got things to pick up at all THREE stores (and NOT just license plates!)- one of them is the store I am teaching at.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, July 3, 2015

Shades of green..............................

Going to try and catch up on a few things this morning and then I'll get back to the rest of the Row by Row stuff another day.

BTW - I unloaded most of the car yesterday - only because I needed one thing. While I knew where that was, I decided to bring more stuff in.  And YES - the studio looks like a dumping ground - of course - I'm not going to take pictures - it is that bad. But I will work my way through it.

So back home and car basically unpacked, it is time to get back to work.  Customers (including me) want their quilts and classes have to be taught and let's not forget that paperwork!!!!!

This is what has been happening around here the last couple of days..............

There were a couple of us at embroidery this past week. It was Canada Day and some people had stuff to do and for the rest of us - we stitched. The good news - I have ONE ornament left to stitch and as you can see below - there is just a SMALL section left and it will be done!!!!!!    YEAH!!!!!

Embroidery project is almost done

As I am finishing, I realize that some of the images are pretty close together so not a lot of room for seam allowances.   Not to worry - I will figure something out.  My plan is to find some fabric to go with them and get them done. No sense getting it this far and letting it go.  I already have the next project out and waiting. It is something I picked up on my way home - I already told you about it, but you have not seen specifically what I got. It shouldn't take that long to do and then I MUST get back to my big red work project that has been sitting there for YEARS!!!!!

Time to fire up the long arm.  It was funny using Robin's while I was away. The machines are the SAME, and the table system is the SAME, but they work differently.  As much as I was glad to get my quilt done while I was in PEI, I am HAPPY to be back using my own long arm.

First up - stuff for me!!!!!    Time to get those girlie pink John Deere quilts done. I am using plush for the backing and while it is wide enough (the plush is 62 inches wide - the quilts are 60 inches wide), I need to add some waste cloth to the sides to give me room to work.

Just enough extra on both sides of the quilt

See - ONE inch on each side of the quilt

Girlie John Deere quilt - Number ONE - done

And now it is trimmed

I had to trim it because I needed the waste fabric to sew to the next backing. So after trimming the quilt, I trimmed off the waste cloth - the other scraps went into the pet mat pile.

Trimming off the waste cloth
I am also getting rid of batting. I spent a lot of time piecing backings for these quilts. Mostly 2 or 3 pieces.  It just takes time to trim the batting and then iron together with fusible interfacing. But save money!!!!!   And helps to keep the batting closet somewhat under control.   Remember to label those pieces BEFORE you store them so it is easy to figure out what size they are.

Joining the batting

Girlie John Deere quilt number TWO - done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 It was at this point that I had to get the other two out of the car. I had put the borders on them when I was in PEI and they had not made it into the house yet.

AH - these last two are a bit narrower than the first two - so I do NOT need to put the waste cloth on the sides of the plush.   Super - saves some time there.

Cutting the backing
You really have to lay this stuff out flat in order to get it cut right. It loads and quilts up like a dream on the long arm.

Oh my - I just noticed in that photo above - THREE machines scattered on that table!!!!   Well one is a serger, one is my travel machine and one is embroidery machine. NONE are regular sewing machines!!!!  OK - so I'm in denial!

I ended up with an entire BOLT of this emerald green plush.  It was supposed to be a different green - more olive, but I didn't look at a shade card when I ordered it and this is what they call green. OK. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I have done four quilts with the bolt - all John Deere themed and if my dear darling daughter hadn't cut a piece out of it last summer, I might have had enough to do another quilt, but I am short and I'm not done yet!!!!

Bolt of plush

Girlie John Deere quilting number three - DONE!

I tried to call the local store where I bought it (I doubt they would have any more because I ordered and bought the entire bolt), but worth a try. They did NOT answer the phone. Crips!!!!   So I called the girls at The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw as they stock a LOT of plush.  Nope - they have olive green, but maybe the store in Regina (Peachtree Quilts) would have some.   Hey - why not.  So I called them and asked if they had emerald green plush - you know John Deere green.   Rememer this store is in Regina, Saskatchewan - homeland of FARMING.

Do you want to know what their response was????   "We don't have John Deere green, it is more like Roughrider green!!!"    I laughed so hard. DUH - how silly of me to think that farming was more important than football!!!!!

BUT - if you look at this web site - I think we are talking the SAME green.  The ladies at the store are probably thinking that "I" am the loonie toon.  John Deere green indeed!!!!!!

My green - OK - so it is much more emerald than John Deere green

Image result for roughrider logo saskatchewan
Roughrider logo

OK - I'm calling Peachtree today to order two meters so I can finish the last quilt.   That just made that last quilt pretty special since it is going to end up BACK in Saskatchewan.   I love it!!!!!   We have to hustle on this or I won't have time to finish the quilt. 

Got another one of my quilts on the long arm - well I will be loading it later today. Have to make the backing and get some batting together. It is also one that I finished while in PEI and it needs to be quilted ASAP.  

Speaking of John Deere quilts - when I got home, I remembered that I was making at least one more quilt from the "gifts" and "purchases" of John Deere fabric that happened this year. 

MY regular John Deere fabric

What I am "borrowing" from Diane
Let's not forget the one I bought in PEI

I figure I have enough to make TWO more quilts and if I EVER EVER see John Deere fabric again - it will be too soon!!!!!   And let this be a warning to ALL OF YOU.  If you so much as mention John Deere fabric - well just don't!!!!!

The other day, I mentioned that I saw something on Northcott's web site.   Well here is the link.

Northcott/McCall's Quilt Along

Misty Pines quilt

This quilt was designed by Patti Carey from Northcott.  It is going to be a sew along on the web.  You can buy the pattern on-line - it was originally in this magazine. 

Image result for picture of misty pines quilts
McCall's Quilting - Jan/Feb 2014

Well in case you are wondering how to get the fabric to sew along - you can purchase a kit from them. OR

I have all the bolts necessary to make the quilt
 My intention was to make kits and have a class and that just hasn't happened. However if you want a kit and take a class in the fall, let me know. I believe I have enough for 20 kits. And the best thing - I am NOT giving you .5 meter of this and .4 of that.  Nope - I have pretty much cut everything out as you need.  Yes - pretty much a "ready to sew" kit!!!!!   Come on - you've all been asking me to do this and now I am!!!!!   The kits will be $100.   If enough are interested, I'll host a class in the fall.

Yesterday I reported that Marie saw an orange bike at her liquor store in the Maritimes that was part of the Radler contest.  I had some bottles to return to The Beer Store so off I went to see what I could discover. However I did not find a bike. But I did find this.................

TWO cans of Radler - no bottles yet

And a Summer Taster pack - no six packs - just 12. That is stupid
And advertising works. When I was at the movies this week, I saw an ad in the theatre for this beer and when I saw it at The Beer Store - well I had to buy some as well. Again - ONLY 12 pack. What if I don't like this?????

Bud Light - Apple beer

 Hopefully won't have to fight the family for this - M doesn't like beer and DH considers this stuff - girlie beer.  PERFECT!!!!!

Now I have a favour to ask of YOU! - yet again!!!!   Does anyone have any Elvis fabric in their stash that they do NOT want.   I have FOUR different ones, but I need a bit more variety.    Now wait - before you go off on a complete tangent - I only want to make ONE quilt with this theme.  Let's not go crazy - so if you have a FQ or something you want to swap - that is great - I don't want copious amounts unless you absolutely don't want it and then I'll make lots and find a home for them.

Elvis fabric

On that note - I am out of here. Got some e-mails that HAVE to be sent this morning and then off to work.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!