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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep - it's Monday and my favourite day of the week!  Did NOT get to spin class this morning. I have a sneaking suspicion that my torn muscle in the back of my knee is causing me some discomfort and I thought I would give it a break.  It is one of those things that there is NOTHING they will do about - yes - they could do surgery but well - we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Since I didn't do the class, I was off to Monday Mania early!  Well not too early, but I was all set up by the time everyone else got there.

I am working on several quilts at the same time - of course!   I had some stuff pre-cut and when I finished with the first project - onto the second, and then the third. Still working on all that striped fabric of which there is LOADS!!!!!   Might be working on that for the rest of the year.

My biggest problem is that I start a project for a workshop/demo and in the past - the UFO got put away and in most cases is still sitting there.  I am trying to not let that happen this year?   But I guess I had so many new things that - well - there is a lot of WIP (works in progress) sitting on the tables in the studio and I don't really have room to put them away.  I guess I could - one by one!

The others at Monday were just as productive as I was...............

Karen with her gorgeous table runner - and she dressed to match that runner - even her shoes blended in!!!!

Joyce was working on some table toppers - the colours are awesome.  I love them

More of her table toppers

Judith finished this quilt top. Bought it as a kit - didn't like the pattern - so she used a different one.  I love it!!!

Do you recognize this????   This is Tish's Celtic Solstice - the Bonnie Hunter mystery from last fall.  Yes - she has all the blocks together, all of the rows are sewn together and just a few more width wide seams and that part is done!!!!!!!!!!!   Don't ask me!
I could hear the other side of room that was busy working on their homework for the upcoming classes this weekend.  I love it!!!   They have all summer to do it, but NOPE - they wait until the last week.  Well better than me - I don't have it done either.

When I got home - I was still pumped to sew but I ended up prepping for the next sewing day.   I cut more for each of the three projects I "finished" yesterday. Now I am ready to go for another sewing day but I can't sew at home - no - too much other stuff to do - paper work, machine quilting and SO MUCH MORE.

And I have a quilting retreat coming up soon.  Oh yes - four days of sewing.  I could just take my Monday basket and I could probably sew the entire four days and not run out of stuff.  However - I have a new project that I will be cutting in the next couple of days and hope to sew that entire project at the retreat.

On that note - I am out of here

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Tour du Mississauga

Yesterday was the 7th Annual Tour du Mississauga.  I rode in this event last year.  When I picked up my registration at the event, I got chatting to some of the committee members and ended up applying to the committee. Got accepted and obviously had to volunteer this year instead of riding!   While I am happy to volunteer - I really wanted to ride.  HOWEVER - with the weather conditions yesterday - I think I was just as happy to be a volunteer!!!!

We had been watching the weather all week and then by the hour and on Saturday, the conditions did NOT look good at all.  The forecast was for thunder storms all day on Sunday. Oh thunder storms AND rain.  There was a big possibility that the event was going to be cancelled.  However we decided to go AGAINST the forecast and go ahead with the event.

I jumped out of bed and was down at City Hall by 5:40 AM.   The ground was dry, but the sky - well you couldn't see what the clouds looked like at that point. It was DARK.

Looking out towards Celebration Square

City Hall
 And you can see that the ground was DRY - the reflections you see are in the wading pool.

We moved our registration tables around several times before we settled on a spot that was protected from the rain but still close to the start line.

And then of course - about fifteen minutes before the first ride is to start at 7 AM - the rain came down in buckets.   I mean BUCKETS.   Oh - please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The riders were taking shelter under that big roof up above.  Our registration table was under the end of that structure. 

People were also taking shelter inside City Hall - with their bikes.  Oh yes - it was CRAZY!!!!!!

It was decided to postpone the start of that ride until 8 AM and the 100K and 120K would leave together.

The rain did subside for that start and I zipped out to take a couple of pictures.

Here is the youngest rider (aged 10) that did the 120K  (I know!!!!),  Counciller Fonseca (the counciller tasked with the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee, Jeff W - our chairperson AND there is Hazel - The MAYOR of Mississauga.  She was supposed to ride a token couple of kilometers, however the conditions were not safe for the 93 year old Mayor to ride.  She is one incredible woman. Can't believe she gets around like she does!!!!

Oh - just to note - that youngest rider  - he arrived at 3 PM after completing his 120K

The numbers were down considerably because of the rain. 

And I heard lots of stories of riders hiding out somewhere along the route and riding when the rain stopped - wait for that!   Others rode a shorter distance  and many riders didn't come out.  And I don't blame them!

Have to say that EVERYONE who did come out was in GREAT spirits though.   Reminded me so often of that saying that I saw in the Lettuce Love Cafe the other day.............

It says - Some people feel the rain - others just get wet!!!
Couple more neat quotes about the rain!

I don't think I heard one NEGATIVE thing about the weather yesterday.  Yes - people weren't jumping up and down to get out in the rain, but they were there.  There was a sense of camaraderie!!!   Oh yes - you are NOT a hard core rider until you have ridden in the POURING rain.

My friend Lisa - was out riding in the rain yesterday.  She did 100K - her longest distance to date and in the rain.  Oh yes! - she is hard core now!!!!

Here is the link to her blog with pictures from the rider perspective!!!!!    Way to go Lisa!!!!!!!!!  (but those bruises! - OUCH!!!)

Then it started to really really rain!!!!!   Then it cleared up slightly for the shorter rides to take off!!!

The start of the 60 K ride

Dorothy (our fearless leader) taking pictures for the Tour du Mississauga web site or Facebook - not sure what she did with the pictures!

Another shot of the start line

It got so foggy/cloudy that you couldn't see the top of the Marilyn towers!!!!!

And then once the 30 K riders were on the road - a MIRACLE happened.  The rain STOPPED completely - the clouds cleared up, the sun came out - it got HOT and it stayed that way for the rest of the day!!!!!!!!!!!

Start of the 15 K ride.  Although they started out with wet pavement - the sun was shining and it was glorious!!!!

Police escort

More of the 15 K riders

The pavement is dry - and everyone got to enjoy the BBQ in the hot sun!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a crazy day and I got home at 4 PM.  I did NOT sleep much the night before - just one of those nights where I could not get myself to sleep no matter what I did.   So when I got home - I crashed on the couch and then got up and went to bed!!!!   Not one of more productive evenings!!

On that note - I am out of here!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Getting old SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - so I ran around like an idiot yesterday but I did accomplish a LOT.   I even got my urgent errand DONE.

So I am in the line - got my paperwork in order. It is my turn - I ask for a two year renewal - OOPS - they are all FIVE year.  Oh crap - see that is why I can't remember this stuff - too much time between dates!!!    They snapped a picture  - the woman who was as friendly as a robot - I guess when you do the same thing over and over and over - hard to get excited about your job.   Anyway - she asked me if I needed to renew my plates on the car.  NOPE!  I am good.

As I walk to the car - I think - do I need to renew the plates?????   ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????   Yep - the plates are expired too!!!!   I was going to renew them then, but I did not appear to have the correct insurance paperwork with me (don't even ask!) and god forbid - I get the same woman!!!!

The worst part of all of this is that the idea never even occurred to me. I did NOT forget because I didn't even think of it.  That is kind of disturbing as I am usually pretty good on details.  Oh well - I just chalk it up to old age.

BUT in case you think my memory is going - it is NOT. Because I remembered the orange running shoes at Marshall's that someone told me about a couple of days ago.

See - no memory issues at all!!!!!

Had to get a big size - why?   well as you get older your feet get flatter!  And look what is happening to my foot.............

Got this ridiculous bump on the top of my foot. 

I NEVER do this, but I did a webnosis to see if I needed to go to the doctor.  Could be a bone spur (which is NOT good since that is related to arthritis) and could be a cyst.  I have one on my wrist but not that big.

Doesn't sound like I am going to die but just looks stupid!!  Doesn't hurt so at some point - I should go to get it checked out, but nothing urgent.   Of course - now that I am aware of it (only found it yesterday) - I can "feel" it.   The power of suggestion!!!!

If you need something to do today - check out the Yorkshire Rose Quilt Guild show.   I won't have time but hopefully some of you can get there!!!

On that note - oh yes - check it out - there are two postings this morning.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


Road trip!!!

So you want to know about my road trip!

I taught a class on curved piecing at the Chatham-Kent guild.   So yes - had to get on the road early which was a problem with the car issue, but I made it although a few minutes late.

It was a gorgeous day for a drive and on my way - I noticed this in the sky.  When I was the closest I was going to be - I found a place to stop and took a picture.

Hot air balloon - I bet it was a tad cool up there as it was cool on the ground!   But what an awesome morning for a balloon ride!!!!

This is the class sample.................

Curved piecing sample

I think I have mentioned the story of this piece before.  I have been teaching curved piecing for many years. Initially the class made samples of each of the three types of curves - then I noticed that the students were incorporating ALL three styles into one piece.  What a brilliant idea!!!   And so I made this sample.  I tell you - I often learn as much from the students as they do from me!!!!   That is one of the things I love about teaching.   And wouldn't it be neat to have some stripes in those circle insertions?????

OK - let's have a look at what the ladies accomplished.  The nice thing about this class - when you are done - you are done. There is no UFO to take home.  Well - it has to be quilted, but the piecing is all done.

And which way is UP???   I just randomly took these pictures and did NOT rotate them.



AH! Forgotten her name!




They did an awesome job considering there was some confusion about what exactly they were going to be making.  Apparently they did not get to see the picture of the sample that was sent to them.  I think they all did a fabulous job!!!!  And we learned that if you really really screw up the circle insertion - just cut a bigger hole and eliminate the bad circle and insert a new one!!!!

Here is another super tip.  So your smaller sewing machine will NOT hold a cone of thread.  Why not use a cup??
Cone of thread in a cup!

And this is the genius part - Shirley put an empty bobbin on the bobbin winder and ran the thread from the cup around (but not completely around) the bobbin and then into the threading mechanism!   Awesome!!!!!

 I was the guest speaker that evening so got everything set up.  I met up with Lisa whom I have known through an on-line quilter's group for years and she and I and Sarah went for an early dinner.

Then back to the church for the guild meeting. I have to tell you that this facility is the most amazing facility I have ever seen.  It is a large church - St. Paul's Congregational Church.  The guild has been meeting there for years and they use the facility for their meetings, their work shops, their community projects, and their guild show.  They have room for storage and it is HUGE and BRIGHT.   They are a very lucky guild.

This is the meeting area.  There is even a stage that they can use to hold up the quilts.  Oh my - it is fabulous!!!!

On the far wall in the previous picture - those quilts on the wall are their show n tell.  They use these $ store pulleys to get the poles up and down to put the quilts on.   A bit labour intensive for a system, but a nice way to display the quilts. 

I didn't leave until 9 PM and had a BIG drive ahead of me.  I didn't want to stay over.  Got everything packed back in the car.   Stopped for a break about half way - at Tim's of course and then back home around midnight.  Yep - I was glad to arrive in the driveway.

But it was a fun evening. Excellent guild - extremely friendly - great ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with them.   Thanks to everyone for the great reception!!!!

Oh yes - and I got to shop. Sarah works in a shop in Dresden called Verna's Sewing Center.  She brought a whole pile of fat quarters for us to peruse and that is where I got that beautiful batik with the hearts on it.

And during the meeting, Lisa set up her store for us to shop.  I like that idea of shopping at a guild meeting. Lisa's business is called Soft Impressions by Lisa.   She does a lot of quilt shows and will be at the Mississauga Guild Show next April.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Let's do some bartering!

Look what Tish brought in the other day.

YES - that is a bundle of Kaffe Fassett shot cotton stripes!!!!!
 And so we are going to barter for it. A win win for both of us. However - does this mean that I can't buy as much at CreativFestival that I was going to buy????

I did it!  I watched 24 episodes and all the extras of Season Two of Modern Family.  I HATE doing it all in a week, but had no choice.  Anyway - it was worth it. While I am NOT a TV watcher - there are some things that warrant spending some time on. And I know it is finite - I am choosing to watch when I want - well sort of!!!!   Anyway - some of the episodes were absolutely hysterical.

And I got some more knitting done.

That makes 19 blocks done!!!!!!!!!!! 

I know - 19 complete - and I want 25.  By my calculation - that means only 6 left to go.  And I was busy at the executive meeting last night - working on another one. And I have a one hour quilting video to watch and Season One of Quilting Arts.   Oh yes - this is going to get done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that means - there is ONE skein left and that bag of leftovers.   Hmmmmm - how many blocks can I get out of the left overs?????  Once that is used up - I will know whether I have to buy one more skein or not. I already have the yarn for the sashing. Oh boy - could there really be a light at the end of this tunnel????

Pauline gave me this great bicycle fabric the other day.  I realize now that I took the picture and did NOT open it up.  Well - it is already filed and I'm not taking another picture. 

I have a LOT of novelty fabric - let's just leave it at that. And my bicycle fabric is with all the other novelty prints. So I have decided to start a new basket just for bicycle fabric.
Laundry basket just for bicycle fabric.   Yes - it looks pretty empty as there are only three newly acquired fabrics - thanks to Pauline and Susan and one I bought myself.   Hmmmm - any bets on how full that basket will be when all the bicycle fabric is in one place?????

Pauline also gave me this awesome wine bag.  No wine - but I love the images!!!!

And when I was on my road trip the other day - I saw this batik with hearts and it is stunning. I had to have it.  Only a FQ left. 

Had an amazing workout in spin class this morning.  I was dripping with sweat and it sure makes you feel awesome!!!!

On that note - I had better do my URGENT errand this morning.  I did get my car back yesterday but so stupidly busy with other things - like volunteering that I didn't get a chance.  OK - so I forgot!!!!   I better go now before I get distracted!!!!   Yep- that is an age thing I guess!!!!

Don't forget if you live in Mississauga that the Tour du Mississauga takes place on Sunday so there will be a LOT of bikes around.   It is going to be a crazy day!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'll never tell??

Oh what a crazy day yesterday was!!!   DH and I zipped off to the car rental place for 7 AM.  They were slow?   We did not leave until 7:30!    I had a big drive ahead of me - 2 1/2 hours at least and the car rental place was in the opposite direction from where I was going. With early morning traffic to get out of the city and construction and the delay at the car rental place - I was 20 minutes late!!  But no worries - it all worked out.

I do not have time to blog about it this morning - got another absolutely crazy day!

I do have two pictures to share with you. This is the MESS that I am faced with these days.

The cutting table is piled HIGH

The extra tables are piled high

And the ironing board is piled even higher and the sewing table - let's not even go there.  There are bags of stuff from presentations that need to be dealt with.  Oh boy - I am in deep trouble.  I am trying to decide what to do with the few hours I have free today. I think I need to do some organization  or I am going to be spending loads of time trying to find things and that is NOT productive.

So while I do like organizing - I hate taking the time to do it.

I got a book from the library the other day and I grabbed it this morning to have a quick look.  I read the introduction by the author - all bubbly and full of great ideas and hope. Then I looked at the publication date - 2013. Then I looked at the bio and I noticed TWO DATES behind her name and I thought - that is very weird and they only do that for people who have died. Further investigation indicated that this author died in May 2013.  Yikes - so I did a search on the internet and both her and her husband died on a family (year-long) camping trip in Australia - she is an Australian.  Worst part - they died in front of their children!!!  

The book is called Brave New Quilts by Kathreen Ricketson.

Wow - that was a bit sobering!  Anyway - there are a lot of very interesting designs in the book and OH - I NEED MORE TIME to do everything I want to do.  I would so love to spend time just experimenting.  Taking one idea and running with it.  I do get to do that, but just not enough to exhaust all the ideas. Let's face it - even if I did nothing else - I would never exhaust the ideas so I just have to learn to live with it!!!!

On that note - I better get dressed and get my car!   And then I have a VERY URGENT errand to do. although it seems very crazy to DRIVE to the office to get an expired driver's license renewed, but I never said that - did I!!!!!   Let's just say - it is NOT the first time this has happened, but first time I never even thought about it.  Hmmmmm - what does that mean? Age????

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Expired???? Seriously?????

Have you ever done something stupid?  Of course you have!    Well let me share with you the most recent STUPID thing I have done.

It all started with my car. I have had a leaky rear tire for quite some time. Instead of getting it fixed - I just kept pumping up the tire.  Every time that darn warning light for the tire pressure came on - I got out my handy dandy tire pressure gauge, checked the tires and went to the gas station to pump up the low one. And it was always just one tire.  However I have noticed lately - that the tire was leaking more and soon I was going to have to do something about it.

You know where this is going?  NOPE - you have no idea!!!  Wait for it.

Anyway - I have to make a big road trip TOMORROW (Wednesday) and I thought I better get that tire fixed before I go. Plus the car was due (OK - so it was over due) for maintenance but I really haven't had time since I got back - I know - I know!!!  I arranged to have the car serviced TODAY (TUESDAY) and I got a ride back home from the dealer.  I got a call that the car needed NEW BRAKES - are you kidding me?????   Not even 60,000 on the car.  Oh well - do the brakes and OOOPS - they need some small part for the dash board lights (that is under warranty - thank GOD). The part had to be ordered and would be in on Wednesday. Could they keep the car over night?   HMMMMMM - well NO - I need the car.

They arranged for me to get a rental so no problem. I get a ride to the rental place and OH MY GOD - ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????   My driver's license has expired!!!!   CRAP CRAP CRAP.  I never even thought about it. It expired while I was away and NEVER ONCE thought about it since I got home. yep - a true blond at their best!!!   Of course the car rental place is NOT going to rent me a car and the Service Ontario offices are closed by this time.  Now what?????  No panicking allowed!!!!  

I got a ride back to the dealership HOPING that my car would be in some shape that I could get it - who cares about that damn little dashboard light part (that cost almost $100 to diagnose - since it is under warranty - I hope I don't have to pay for that!!).   Anyway - turns out that my car is in pieces in the shop - so NO CAR!!!!!!    And I need a car!!!!!!

DH and M both need their cars tomorrow - why oh why couldn't this have been last week when DH was away and his car was in the garage.  Nope - so I had to find a rental car that we can get EARLY in the morning so DH will drive that and I get his car - which I hate!!!   And I had an audio book all set up to listen on the way. Can't do that now!!!!   I am ticked - well not really, but crap - no one to blame but myself!!!!!

I would say that there is a lesson here - OK - so there are SEVERAL lessons to be learned.  When you get the form in the mail to renew the driver's license - not a bad idea to do that right away!!!  When there is a problem with the car or it needs servicing - perhaps it would be a good idea to make arrangements so there is some flex time when the car is really needed.  Honestly - I can get around locally on my bike.  

Anyway - here are a few pictures of what happened on Monday!!!!   Yes - that is Claudette and Maria going through the garbage!!!!  It would appear that one person's trash is another person's treasure!  Karen was throwing away HUGE (OK - so they were small) pieces of fabric and we were HORRIFIED.  Maria is making a big dog bed filled with scraps so she retrieved them!!!   Don't worry - if Maria didn't get them - I would have!

Claudette and Maria checking out the garbage!!!!   And they were having FUN! Oh know - we were all having fun!!!!

I decided that it was time to get some backings done.

This is one of the quilts that I made for the striped workshop this past weekend.  I only had ONE meter of that striped fabric so I had to find something else to go with it.  

Made the backing from that gorgeous purple/orange fabric  - the binding was already made and now there is another project in the TO BE QUILTED pile

I had finished the borders on this quilt a while back. The binding was also made - time to get the backing done

And so another quilt in the TO BE QUILTED pile

I was working on some of the other striped quilts but nothing completed - I'll show you when they are finished.

Look at the most amazing license plate!!!!!  Thanks Maria!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome license plate!!!

And I spent a LONG time watching episodes of Modern Family.  Sucks that you have to watch 24 episodes in ONE WEEK. We should be able to renew for at least one week.

However - I was knitting like mad and got ONE MORE block done!!!!

One more block done

That pretty much sums up the stupid side of my life the last couple of days.   We had a great class today (I rode my bike there) and I'll let you know about it later.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!