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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Prep day!

Remember the title of my post yesterday????   "Can't get it out of my system..........."    Well after the marathon I had yesterday - I may want to revisit my statement!!!!

Before I get into that - here is a very interesting situation. I now work amongst a group of NON-quilters who all work for a fabric company. A couple of the ladies do sew, some are into crafts and one of the ladies does a LOT of sewing for Northcott. But none of them are dedicated quilters.

I do believe I am experiencing a bit of a stereotype situation at work - the perception of what and who a quilter is. I think my group believes that quilters (including me prior to coming to work at Northcott) sit at a sewing machine all day and sew. Quilters have no deadlines, they have no pressure - it is just fun and games to sit at home and sew all day. And because I haven't technically "had a job" for the last 17 years, I feel sometimes that the group thinks I have sat around and quilted for 17 years.  The fact that I (and many of my friends in various instances) have setup and tore down more trade shows than I care to count, that I have organized and set up and tore down way too many quilt shows to count, that I have tirelessly day and night prepped classes for teaching, then taught the class, do follow up with the students, do long arm quilting for customers and at least two per month for community projects, make custom designed quilts for customers, do a TON of prep work for the QUILTSocial blog, including filming my own videos, writing my own text and taking and editing my own photos. I have no idea the number of sewing days and fund raising days that I have organized and ran. When I have free time - I do work on my own stuff.  So yes - I am a quilter - but I certainly do not just sit and sew all day. There are MANY days when I don't even make it to the sewing machine.

I just have to laugh because of a situation that happened yesterday and I have the feeling that there was some serious doubt about my capabilites!  They don't know me very well.

Here is what happened. I was working on a quilt for Market that I did not want to quilt. We have a couple of long arm quilters that quilt quilts for us. I was going to quilt one, but I decided not to. But I could piece a top or two. One of the quilters was coming to the office at 10 AM (on Friday) to pick up some tops including the one that I was working on.  This particular top was slow progress as there were half square triangles, pinwheels and loads of applique. And it had a diagonal set with sashing and cornerstones.  No one else offered to make it so I did. It was a very time comsuming top to make.  I have been doing the prep work on it for the last couple of days.  I finished prepping the applique pieces on Wednesday night and stitched them all down on Thursday while still trying to get other things prepped in the office and helping others or discussing some upcoming events.

By the end of Thursday - half of the center part was together. Oh did I mention that the quilt was 71 by 86 or something like that so it was a decent size.  So when I left (and I had a guild meeting that night), I SAID that the quilt would be ready by 10 AM when the quilter came to pick it up. I know - do the math!!!!!

After the guild meeting, I came home and had everything preppedd - all the pieces were cut, they were laid out in order of sewing and I set the alarm for a very early hour and I was up and sewing.  I sewed for FIVE straight hours.  One thing you have to keep in mind is that these patterns we are working from have NEVER been made before. The designer has written them, often in haste to meet our deadline and so they are NOT tested.  Once the center was done - it was way faster to sew the second half at home - that took ONE hour. Then onto the borders (top and bottom only) that had the pinwheels.  Whoa - I made way too many, but that is what the pattern said (feedback to go back to the designer). Then I sewed the pinwheels together - crap - the border is too long.  Do a couple of quick adjustments - more comments to the designer and whipped those two borders on top and bottom - that process took two hours. Phew - I might just make that  10 AM deadline.  Next up - a skinny little border - that was easy. Then onto the last border which had pieced corners and WHOA - I cut the first strip and that doesn't seem like the right size. Nope - checked and the sewing instructions were right - cutting instructions were wrong. More feedback to the designer. The last border was done at 9:00  AM.  

I ran upstairs to throw on some clothes and hopped in the car. After stopping at Tim's for tea, I arrived at the office at 9:50 AM to find the quilter was already there and was getting ready to leave as she had already been given other quilts.  Seriously??????   The last thing I said when I left the day before was that I would be back at 10 AM with a finished top. That was a marathon of sewing that I hope to NEVER repeat. I loved doing it - I LOVE the quilt, although it isn't my favorite of those we are displaying, but the way the fabrics work together is pretty spectacular.  

Let's just say that I was NOT happy when I arrived and I VOICED my concern and it was not because of the way my morning went. Bottom line - the quilt that I worked on went with the long armer!!!!

Sorry - no pictures - I will show you when it comes back from the quilters.  Literally there was NO time for pictures.

Yes - I still love my job - but it all goes back to the credibility thing that I talked about at the beginning.  Just because I am a quilter, doesn't mean I don't know how to meet a deadline, you think I don't know about pressure????   Every day is a new deadline for me - I work under pressure each and every day!!!!  I thrive on it - if I don't have pressure - I do NOTHING.  I guess it will take time for the team to learn how I operate. In the meantime - bring on the pressure!!!!!  They don't know that a usual day for me involves quilting or some variation of it for about 16 of 24 hours in a day unless I am on my bike which is't often enough.

Now I do owe a pattern to our marketing team that is WAY over due and before I send it to them, I wanted to make the quilt because I think there are a couple of areas that need to be fudged. It is one thing to design a quilt, but it is completely another to take a PICTURE and a few measurements and make a quilt.  When I or any of our other designers design quilts they do NOT have fabric. They can only use scans of the fabric (which are pretty darn accurate) but if you are a quilter - we LOVE to see and touch the real thing.   So if there are mistakes in the pattern - you can see why they happen, but I do NOT want any of those in my pattern.  Hence I am making the pattern so I can understand a few things about this particular line and then write the fudge factor into the pattern.   Does that make sense??????   Some people criticize when mistakes get in the patterns, but I can see where and how it happens.  We had some new preprinted products and unless you are familiar with them - it can be a challenge to design and then sew them.

Speaking of pictures - here are some pictures from the last couple of days.

This was all the stuff I loaded into the car on Thursday morning. I had a different sewing machine and I was glad that I took the big one for all those lumpy corners of the pinwheels. Having two different inserts for the little sewing table means that I can wing any of my machines into the table and it works like a charm.  Honestly I can't say enough about that little table. Best investment I have made in a long time in the quilting world. So happy that it fits into my office.  My office is definitely a happy place for me!

All of this went into my car
 Yes - there were quilts to be delivered to people, sewing machine to sew on and accessories. Project bags, lunch - you name it - my car is always full of stuff!!!!

We had a fabulous guild meeting - Elizabeth Dillinger was the speaker and I am sorry that I cannot attend her class today.  But another time perhaps or I just get out the sewing machine and experiment.  I know how she does what she does so technically I could save some time and money and just do it!!!!   Matter of fact - I just signed up for a new project that would be perfect to experiment with.  Hmmm - yes - must do that.

During show n tell, one lady had this to show.  This is the Block of the Month (Chunk of the month) that I designed a couple of years ago.  There was another quilt on the back so I don't know which was the front or the back, but it is a two sided quilt.  Looks beautiful!!!!!   Technically it is sideways in this picture. Yes - one day I will actually finish piecing mine.

Block of the month designed by me!

Here is the new block of the month for this year.  It is a Canadian theme - there are going to be a variety of blocks that we can use so not all the quilts will be the same. I was hoping to use ONLY the Northcott Stonehenge OH Canada, but there isn't going to be enough variety in it to make this design sparkle. Nope as I was looking at these pictures this morning - I know exactly what I am going to use and it will be amazing. Now the big thing will be to keep up!

Mary's quilt

Linda's quilt
 They are fun and funky and well - it is going to fun to find fabrics to make it work.

Since I am the program person, I get to help the guest speaker load and unload the car. And I get to see everything up close and personal. Well Elizabeth's husband was there to help her and look at the amazing case that she carries her quilts in.

Super case for carrying quilts
 It is a case for shipping golf clubs and if ANYONE has one - I WANT it.   He said he has tried to find another, but no go.  I am thinking that map cases might look like this - cases for architecture drawings?????   There has to be something.  It has a lid and wheels  - how brilliant.  Then the quilts do NOT get folded.  I want one for storage of my trunk show at home.   YES - I want one of these.

After the long armer left on Friday morning, what did the rest of my day look like????   Well I had to design two quilts and write up the fabric requirements.  Now that is not easy - OK - write two patterns with THESE fabrics - GO!  I managed to produce two patterns that I think are nice additions to the collection and they are going on the front of the shade cards to stores!

And at some point in the day - the fabric arrived from Asia.  Talk about being HOT off the press!!!!!   Here it is  - all laid out and Hania spent a good part of the afternoon cutting for the next six quilts that need to be finished and in a crate that leaves the warehouse on October 16.  Yes - that is NOT a typo.  Thankfully I have a few friends who have volunteered (for a price) to help out with the sewing.

Hot off the press fabric

The six quilts that need to be sewn - actually there are only five here. 
 One of them is being shipped on Monday to someone else to sew.

Rose - this is for you!!!!   Look at what is on my cutting table.  YES - I have a T-shirt quilt for a customer that has to be completed by Oct 15 - ah yes - all in a day's work!!!!!

T-shirts for a T-shirt quilt
 Guess what I will be cutting and sewing later today.  If I can put that other one together in 5 hours - this one will be a snap.  The biggest part will be cutting up the T-shirts, stabilizing them and designing the quilt. Once that is done - the rest will take NO time at all to put together.

And I am in the process of prepping for TWO classes today and I have to find the pattern for the one I am teaching tomorrow.   Thankfully the classes today are only 1 hour each, but then I have to deliver those other quilts to be sewn, stop off to see my MIL who is sewing clothing for me that has to be done and in three weeks from today - we will be madly in the midst of QUILTMarket.

Prepping for today's class

Speaking of Market - here is the fun part - I am setting up appointments with the Editors of magazines!!!!   Or the managing editors or whatever their titles may be.  But this is FUN STUFF!!!!!   Again - this is not something that the group will ever understand but going to Market for a quilter - well - don't expect me to sleep the entire time we are there!!!!!   Sent in registration form for some early morning classes and let's not forget Schoolhouse!

By the way - I heard a rumor at the guild meeting the other night which I did NOT believe. However a bit of web surfing yesterday and a phone call and it was CONFIRMED.  The theme for 2016 row by row WILL BE ANNOUNCED on Friday, October 9. I was certain they were going to wait until Market to make the announcement, but NO it is next week. OH MY GOD -    NO NO NO - I am NOT going to get hooked again.  I can't afford it!!!!   I was chatting with Pat at the meeting and she says she has 102 license plates.  Oh boy - I am NOT even going to count. It is better that way.

On that note - I can't wait to get the day started. Ooops - my day started about four hours ago.  OK - can't wait to keep going!!!!!!

Hvae a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Can't get it out of my system....

Here's my horror traffic story of the day.  It also happened at the corner of Thomas and Winston Churchill - I think I am going to try and avoid that corner in the future. 

So the light is red and I am stopped at the line. I'm in the right lane and there is a turn lane beside me. There is an advanced green light. Anyway - this black Audi comes whipping up beside me and WITHOUT stopping (even thought the light is RED) roars around the corner to the right, does a U-turn immediately after the median and speeds through the intersection in front of me.  Basically instead of waiting to turn left at the light - he turned right, did  U-turn and then went left. Seriously????    It blows my mind that people are so impatient to wait a few minutes.  

And let's not forget the guy that zipped through the gas station at Britannia and Winston Churchill so he wouldn't have to wait in the turn lane (behind me).  He then zipped out the gas station on the other side and cut across two lanes of on-coming traffic - those cars had to brake for him because he didn't want to wait for the bus that was in the right most lane.  

Yep - I think I need that dash cam - just so I can replay these videos to see if I am imagining these instances or they are really real.   As long as they don't whack me or anybody else - but it just boggles my little mind that people are so darn impatient!!!!

Well what have I been working on?  I don't know how many of you know this story about me, but I think it is appropriate to tell it at this point.  When M was two - I took up quilting because I thought she needed a quilt for her big girl bed. I got hooked on quilting and at the time, I was working full time at a great job - but I didn't love it and had a boss that I wasn't fond of. I couldn't stop sewing and quilting - it was in my blood.  I ended up taking a year's leave of absence "to get the quilting thing out of my blood".   That was 17 years ago and well - if anything - the bug is worse. I never did go back to that job after that year. 

Case in point - I now love to take my work home and well - I just can't get it (sewing and quilting) out of my system.  I mean  how many people are excited to come to work everyday.  I know it has only been a couple of months, but I don't think that excitement is going to discipate anytime soon. 

I found this picture on my camera of what I was sewing the other day at work. 

Lots of half square triangles to make pinwheels
Yep - my favourite thing!!!!

Let's not forget that Row by Row is still happening.  I got this surprise in the mail the other day.  Thanks to Marie for that!

One more fabric license plate - 
I didn't have Utah so that was a super surprise.

I always keep the leftover batting from quilts.  These are the bits that are technically too small to be joined together for a quilt.  I was going to cut them up to put in pet mats, but I got a call from one of my guilds the other day and they were looking for scraps to make small projects.   The bag is now in my car!   I usually accummulate a bag like this over one year and that guild always asks and it is theirs!  Glad someone can use it.

Bag of batting scraps
Actually if you saw my car - well it is just full of stuff that I need to deliver and even if I don't need to deliver it immediately - it is in the car so the stuff will be there when I meet the person it is destined to.

I have a work quilt that needs to be done by 10 AM tomorrow. The long arm quilter is coming to pick it up.  Guess what I am doing today.

Here is my sewing station from the other day.

Sewing at work

My cutting station in the warehouse

Get those bobbins wound!

There is applique on this quilt and that slowed me down a bit - the blocks are all made.  So I finished the applique prep last night at home. And I had to make a couple of videos for QUILTSocial and well before I knew it - the studio was a mess again.

Mess on the tables once again

This work space is not so bad

Video camera to film a sequence on the ironing board

And at the sewing machine
The sewing machine videos are crazy as I want that camera right on the foot and that means the camera has first choice in the placement.  I still on a little stool to the side and have you ever tried to applique and talk while sitting to the side of the sewing machine??????

Not much room for me
But that little app on the phone is a god send to film by yourself.  Here is my phone - the picture on the phone is the foot on the sewing machine.  I can see EXACTLY what the camera is seeing right on my phone.  That is so cool and I am getting really good at connecting the camera - takes mere seconds now - the command is NOT in the best menu.  And look at my little stand for my phone - thanks to Tish.  It is a very USEFUL little device.

Smart phone is the remote for the video camera
The first video was perfect on take one. The second one took a few tries but they are done!   Those QUILTSocial posts have to be ready by the end of next week and by jove - I might just actually make a deadline!!!!

I am doing well at work with deadlines - I have a check list and one by one - I am working my way through them.  It is exciting and hopefully I will be able to do the same for stuff at home.

Well I got a couple of blocks appliqued but will finish the rest today at work and hopefully assemble the quilt, otherwise it is going to be a late night tonight as I have a guild meeting.

I also had to finish quilting a quilt last night. And of course - I am running out of thread.

Will there be enough thread????
I won't tell you what happened, but let's just say that the quilt is done!!!!!   This is a community projects quilt. Normally they are NOT this big, but we had a couple of donations. And guess who the lucky person is to get to quilt them.  Yep - that would be me.

Charity quilt
And I got the binding on another community project quilt so both of them can be delivered tonight.

Binding on community quilt

Yes - it was a crazy day and today promises to be equally crazy.

But I still managed to get in an hour of reading before I went to bed at my usual time.

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Importance of things..................

I am late blogging today. Why? My schedule got messed up!  I went to the gym, and then off to have breakfast with the gym friends. EXCEPT that I ordered breakfast and then it didn't come and didn't come.  I asked and it was now almost time for me to leave. I know - I got caught up in talking and sort of forgot about the breakfast!  Anyway - breakfast to go and I had to eat it at work. And immediately got caught up in other things and well - I forgot!!!!!

It is funny how priorities change for things depending on how much time you have.  I am a sucker for e-mail.  I can't seem to delete e-mails if I haven't read them. And I don't read lots of them.  So in a very short time - my in-box has thousands of e-mails again!   The other day I started to go through them as I know there is stuff that I need to deal with. But those e-mails are buried. 

I have started to unsubscribe from some of them.  I actually did some a while back.  I really really do NOT need to receive a new sales pitch EACH DAY from some of these designers and companies. It got to be too much.  Yes sometimes a small anecdote was in the e-mail but nothing earth shattering - it was basically a lead in to what was on sale that day.  

Should I want something - I will go to them.  If everyday is a sale - it just isn't special any more.  So there are a "few" more e-mails that I need unsubscribe from.  I don't mind those that come weekly or monthly and have information or a legitimate sale - but those with the SALE of the DAY - seriously - we don't have time to read those.  They become so commonplace that who cares!!! DELETE DELETE DELETE

So while I did manage to eliminate a couple hundred very quickly, there are loads more and the trick will be to get the daily number down to something that makes sense. I will be using that DELETE key a LOT. 

At least at work - I can keep on top of the e-mails!  So far - they are not coming in fast and furious. 

The other day, Laurraine gave me this crazy quilt.  It was made by a family member whom I have forgotten now. I must get the information from her and put it on a label. 

I know that a quilt appraiser would say that this quilt has NO VALUE except for sentiment. Why???  

Crazy quilt

The quilt is tied and see how many places it was tied?????   OH yes - the maker went CRAZY!!!!!

Lots of ties on this one
The reason that it is only valuable for sentiment and not as a collector item is that there is quite a bit of damage to the quilt.  Many of the fabrics have shredded - probably because of wear, sunlight damange and who knows what else.

Shredded fabric
But I will add it to my collection.  The embroidery stitching on it is well done. Thanks Laurraine.

Back to that Misty Pines.  Of all the people who attended the class, I wondered who was going to finish first.  And my thinking was right on.   Now Tish is NOT done yet, but she has all her tree sections done (the flying geese part of the tree).  She used all the fabrics - yeah!!!!!   And see how nicely they are all labelled.

Awesome job  - Tish - can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Tree components for Misty Pines = DONE!!!!!

Well back to the drawing board for me.  I have a quilt that needs to be finished by the weekend and I am still piddling around with little pieces.  Sewing machine - here I come!!!!!   And I won't tell you what the weekend and next week are going to look like.  Let's just say that our "hot off the press"  fabric is now on a plane.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Taking work home......................

There is a song titled "I don't like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats from the summer of 1979!!!   I have to say that I LOVE Mondays and I feel like I finally have my Monday schedule down pat.

It was quite stressful to get to a 6 AM spin class and I needed to change up my routine anyway so now I do my own cardio and then some free weights - I still get to the gym for shortly after 6, but I don't have that deadline!  Once I am finished at the gym, it is off to Monday sewing. A couple of the ladies get there VERY early and so it is perfect. I can get 1 1/2 hours of cutting (or other hand work) in before most show up.  A very productive time to say the least.

And then off to work where I arrive around 10 AM. The schedule works PERFECT and I am excited to get to work to see what the week is going to bring.  That is pretty sad!!!!!  

Not really - I am just amazed at the opportunity I have to work at something that I LOVE!

I did snap one photo when I was at Monday Mania yesterday.  Judith was working on this project a while back and brought it in for show n tell.

Judith's finished embroidered picture

And yes - the row by row frenzy continues.  TWO more envelopes in the mail yesterday.

More license plates

Yes - the number of swaps/trades and who owes what is slowly decreasing, but there are still plates out there and I still owe people money and plates.  I am wading through it!!!

License plate central!!!!!

So what does one do at the end of a fabulous day????   Well you bring your work home with you!!  Yup - except it really isn't that bad when what you bring home is a quilt to sew.  Now it would be better if it were MY quilt, but what the heck - it was something to sew.  And I made good progress on it as well.

Cutting fabric

Half square triangles are almost done

Shoot - I did a lot more than that but didn't take pictures. I was so excited to work on it uninterrupted I suppose.  I hope to get a lot done today at work.  Thank goodness for that generic 1/4" piecing foot - I can switch from any of my sewing machinies and still get the same 1/4" just by turning on the sewing machine. You have to love that.

And at the end of the day - I read before going to bed.  I have decided that I don't have time to get to the library. Besides me going to the library is like sending a kid to the candy store.  I come home with way too many books and that creates deadlines and more stuff to manage.  I am going to read the novels that are on my shelf at home.  By my quick count - there are about 125 novels that I haven't read.  Some of them are parts of series so will have to rely on the library to fill the gaps.

If I were to read ONE book a week (which isn't really realistic) - that would take me at least two years before I run out of books.  I think I am safe for a long long time for reading material.  And when I am done with a book - it goes.  I am NOT keeping novels that I have already read.

Oh yes - look what I managed to scrounge.  One of the missing fabrics for the Misty Pines kit. Yes - that means I am back in business.  There is still one small piece that I am missing, but it is for my kit and I might be able to scrounge from the scraps to make it work!!!!  OH yes - the joys of working on a project when the fabric is long gone!!!! I do have a similiar fabric - different colour, but same pattern and might be able to use markers on it to give it the colouring that it needs.

Missing fabric is now found!!!!!
I see that I have another exciting day at work.  Submissions for articles, guidelines to write up, pictures to take, quilts to sew, patterns to design, fabric to cut.  All the stuff that I LOVE to do.  Yep - a big kid in the candy store.

On that note - I'm out of here.

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, September 28, 2015

Misty Pines class

The long awaited moment - let's put this quilt together!!   Misty Pines - the pattern was originally published in McCall's Quilting - Jan/Feb 2013.  So we would have seen the pattern at our retreat in November 2012.  OK - so it took a couple of years to get organized, but it is happening.

Here is a picture of the quilt. It really and truly is beautiful.  Designed by Patti Carey from Northcott and of course all the fabrics are from Northcott.  Check out my links at the end of this blog if you want a kit - unless you find an old kit somewhere, you get these exact fabrics.  |They are completely sold out and I think a few have been substituted here and there in some of the kits available today - but it doesn't make any difference.

Misty Pines by Patti Carey of Northcott

Let's have a look at what happened at our sewing day for Misty Pines.

There were eight of us in total and we started off with lots and lots of goodies. Oh - actually this is what the goodie station looked like after lunch!

Lots of goodies to eat

Linda, Susan and Linda - all very hard at work

Tish, Sharron and Rose all equally focused

And where was Pauline?  Yes - her chair is empty because she was also taking pictures and got one of me!!! Can you spot me amidst the chaos???

Me - amidst the chaos of my sewing station

McCall's has created a sew along for this quilt. The links to the videos are at the end of my blog post.  You do have to have a subscription to QNN-TV in order to watch them.  I watched the first two (of twelve) yesterday morning before the group arrived.   Hmmmmm - a fabric key would be a good idea for this quilt as many of the fabrics are very similiar and because it is Stonehenge - some of them are quite different depending on the location of the cut. But the underlying texture of each is different.  Since the kits have NO extra fabric whatsoever in them, I thought they all needed a fabric key and so while they were sewing the easy stuff - I made fabric keys for all of them.

Fabric key for Misty Pines
 See how similiar all those fabrics are?????

That means that every piece they made HAS to be labelled.  The sewing part of this quilt is easy, but the keeping everything together part is NOT.

Label label label!!!!

Linda and Susan with their first tree blocks

Tish with one tree block

Rose with two trees
 And there are also tree blocks that have no trunks.

Tish with a trunkless tree block
 Here is a picture I found on the internet where someone added a border to their quilt. It is gorgeous!!!!

MISTY PINES QUILT KIT - flying geese are torture, but I love this quilt. Would look nice in earthy shades of green and midnight blue. Quilts PatternsQuilts ...

Misty Pines with border

The tree blocks are very simple, but then we got into making jagged blocks and as we are making them, Tish pipes up with a suggestion on making them in a different way.  Too late to change because the kits are all cut, but I went to bed thinking about it and by jove - it would work AND be less complicated.

You know what that means - yep - got to remake the quilt and try the new instructions.  Of course - we have to try a different colourway!!!!   The ladies offered to save their plastic ziploc bags so I could fill them again with a new colourway.  Yes - imagine the quilt in blue/greens (someone above suggested that as well) or how about autum colors - greens/oranges/rusts. Oh yes - I think a different colourway is in order.  But will I cut the kits for them????   I think NOT!!!!

I guess I'm checking the Northcott warehouse this morning to see what I can see!!!!

I can cross one more person off my license plate TO DO list.  Rose brought me quite a few that she had picked up this summer on her travels.  One from Mount Forest and a bunch from the US.

More license plates!!!
 I think I still have four or five people that are sending me plates - most are on their way and hopefully will be received by the end of the week. I still owe 8 people - some of them - I just owe money so that is easy.  By the end of October - it MUST be done.  I will make the goal of having my swapping all done by the time the new release comes out which is probably Oct 24 or something like that.

Look - more bicycle fabric!!!!  Thanks to Rose who found these on her travels this past summer.

Bicycle fabric

OK - so you are wondering what happened to the room after everyone left.  I have to say that it was nice to have the room looking so tidy. And I really really was excited to walk around, not tripping over stuff.

I was good - I only brought ALL the remaining stuff related to Misty Pines.

Misty Pines stuff
 Oh - I have to say that I did pretty good on the kit cutting.  There were THREE pieces missing that I had not cut.  Thankfully - they were small and easy to cut - so the group got them yesterday  - they were the testers.  I must cut more and insert it into the kits and for those that already have a kit - I'll get the pieces to you when you take the class.

On the other set of tables - I put this bag of T-shirts.  This is a quilt for a customer and NOW - I have a very tight deadline to get it done.

Customer quilt to get sewn
 BUT - I would also like to get Misty Pines completed. So it was back to cutting after the class left yesterday.
Cutting 17 kit components
 Notice how full that bolt of fabric is.

I am cutting, cuting,cutting and oh boy - now I am down to the last section of fabric.

The last of that bolt of fabric
 BUT - I still have these many kits to complete.

Kits to complete
 And now down to just this...........

Will there be enough for the last few kits????
 Ended up that I am missing ONE   2 1/4" strip to complete the last kit!!!!!  And if I would have been a smidgne more carefull on the cutting (being more careful about cutting off the selvedge - I would have been OK).

One kit that needs to be completed
 And after the group got organized and I cut the extra fabric for them AND I made the fabric keys - I was able to get a bit of sewing done myself.  I made 10 blocks.  I have no idea now many there are in total.  You can see how similiar the values are - very close.  The blocks on the left are NOT pressed yet as I do not know which direction the seams have to go.

My blocks
Now if you want to make this quilt and you have NOT ordered a kit from me - then I would suggest that you run to either of these two web sites to see if they have anything left.

Here is a place that has kits for sale - Quilt and Sew Shop

McCall's Quilting  also has kits for sale.

Otherwise - wait for the blue/green version or the autumn version.  What the heck - why not!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. Have an awesome day - there is nothing like a new project to take under my wing!   I'm kidding - I have so much to sew that I can't possibly look at making this in another colour, however.................................