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Thursday, May 28, 2015

The adventure begins..............

Are we there yet?????   I can't imagine how parents did long car trips with their kids, although dogs - well they are almost as bad!

A rogue photo - I went to the car wash the day before I left. Filled up with gas - washed the car. Why not!
The car was packed on Monday night ready for an early morning getaway.  I still had to put the bike rack on the car and wasn't that fun IN THE DARK!!!   But I managed to get the rack on, the bike on the rack, the last minute things in the car, walk the dogs and get them installed in the car and we left at 5:15 AM.  A mere 15 minutes late!

The girls ready for their trip!
My goal was to get past Toronto before rush hour.  Needless to say I breezed through the city and I never even saw rush hour although there are a LOT of cars on the 401 at 5:30 AM.

The dogs have never been on a long distance trip before and I was hoping that they would be fine.  I know - what an idiot I am!!!   After 45 minutes, Sparky finally decided it was OK to lay down.

 I think I was more freaked out than they were.  We stopped at one of the onRoutes in Ontario for a break

Stretch break
 Then a bit later we stopped again where they had a bite to eat - well Sparky did, but not Sammy.

Food break
 Thank goodness for cruise control.  I don't think I could have done that trip without it.  And I have to say that for the most part, people were VERY decent on the highway.  I did NOT see anyone taking any ridiculous chances, people stayed in the right hand lane and only went into the left lanen to pass. Seriously?????   What happened?   Why did everyone all of a sudden decide to OBEY the law????

The only thing - you had to be on your toes because several times, I was in the left lane getting ready to pass a transport truck. Then said truck swung in front of me (after signalling) so they could pass a car!   Happened two or three times  - needless to say I was on the lookout for that.  But they were obeying the law and technically they had time - perhaps I was in shock that people were obeying the law.

The other thing I noticed is how we zip past things.   For instance when you enter a new province. When I was on my bike trip - we stopped and took copious amounts of pictures at each of the signs upon entering a new province. Perhaps because it was such a big deal and the fact that we were crossing Canada on a bike.   In the car?????   Nope - just whiz past them.

Entering Quebec

OK - so I did snap those photos on the fly, but I just aimed the camera - I did not take my eyes off the road!
Entering New Brunwick
Notice how big and fancy the Quebec sign is compared to New Brunswick!

Entering PEI  (stopped to take this one)

I have pictures beside this PEI sign from the bike trip.  On my bike trip we entered the other provinces on different routes, but the signs are the same except for entering Quebec on the ferry near Ottawa.  There is a teeny tiny sign for Quebec.

I didn't get lost once. Although I was planning to take the bypass in Montreal. I saw the sign - it did NOT say bypass or whatever the equilvaent would be in French. It said Quebec, Sorel and Tracy and Highway 30.  I was afraid it would take me to the north shore so I stuck to 20. Hoping to switch to 40 at the airport and go through the north part of the city.  Alas - I got screwed up there as well - it wouldn't be the first time and next thing I know - I am on my way to the Pont Champlain.  No big deal - I know the road and there wasn't too much traffic, but the road conditions were a bit ROUGH!!!!

I tried not to stop too often, but I was worried about the dogs.  At soon as they would get up - I was wondering if they had to go potty????   I think in total we stopped about 6 times which isn't too bad. And I have to say that Ontario has it right. They have those onRoute rest stops with picnic areas - perfect for the dogs and then restaurant and gas all together. Quebec has picnic areas - make sure the dogs are on the leash - I got told off at the first one before I could find their leashes in the mess in the car. But gas and restaurants are in different areas and in New Brunswick - well - it is crazy!!!!   Not organized at all.   Yeah for Ontario on this one!!!!

At some point, I thought I had better book a room at the hotel in Edmunston. That was my destination for the first day, but I really didn't think I was going to make it that far. But when I realized I actually could make it - I called to book a room.  Good grief - I get some fellow with a VERY HEAVY accent.  He is checking for availability and next thing I knew - he was trying to find me a room for a week in Australia!!!!!   Ah - no - that would be wrong!!!!    CANADA!!!!!!    That's expedia for you!

I hung up and dialed again and got someone with a less heavy accent and he was able to book me a room.   The girls were very happy to arrive and we even found a Tim's near the hotel, but they were practically out of everything even though it was about 6:30 PM.  (Atlantic Time).   Oh well - back to the hotel for a well deserved sleep.

Sammy and Sparky chilling in the hotel. Their FIRST hotel night!!!!
 I put more towels on the sofa for Sammy and at one point in the night, I saw her completely stretched out!!!!  Sparky stayed on the floor.

I should have asked for a different room as they put me on the second floor which then became a challenge as I had to bring the dogs in and my bike and I was worried the dogs would bark if they were left in the room by themselves.  But nope - everything seemed to be just fine.  And minutes after we were in the room - it started to POUR!!!!    Next time - ask for the ground floor room with a patio door to the outside - would have been so much easier.

Sparky and Sammy having breakfast the next morning

It was very foggy when we left Edmunston.  I was a bit worried about that, but the roads were good, the traffic was light and we made good time.

The fog
and moments later no fog
Then fog and no fog. That went on for an hour or so.

Oh yes - I remember those hills from the bike trip. 
Not that particular road as we stayed on secondary highways, but there were a LOT of hills in New Brunswick.

And at last - there is the BRIDGE!!!!!   That was a very welcome sight!!!!

The bridge!!!!!
Crossing the bridge
 And now to find the house.  Thank goodness for Google Maps.  I pulled over to find out where to go and before long, I am passing this place which is not that far from the house.

Bargain FABRICS and they welcome QUILTERS!!!!!!
At last - there is the house. I will take more pictures of the road into the cottage and you will see why it is just now open!!!!!

The cottage -  a three bedroom cottage which is quite large inside. Two decks outside. Beautifulo spot

Getting some shut eye - they were exhausted
My favourite room in the house - the sun porch
The view from the sun porch

Sammy with her bear at bedtime!!!!

The girls chilling in the car

Let's just say that I arrived none too soon. If I had to stay in the car for any additional length of time - well I could be a singer and song writer.  I sang the blues, I sang some OLDIES  - I mean real oldies and I was GOOD at it!!!  Not really - I'm surprised the dogs didn't start howling!!!!!   But it passed the time. I did listen to an audio book which was fine. Helps with the focus all around.

But let's just say that I am glad that we have arrived!!!!!    We all survived the car trip - now let's hope we survive the wind. More on that tomorrow.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!   I have no idea what I am going to do today - perhaps I will read, perhaps I will sew. Perhaps I will nap all day or maybe go to the beach again!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Less than 24........................

People often tell me that they have no idea how I get so much done in a day. They get tired reading my blog!  Well - these last couple of days I too am wondering - just how did I get all that done!!!!   It's been a brutal schedule with trying to get quilts done for customers and teaching classes.  However the good news - all the classes are done until July!  And there is ONE quilt left to quilt today. I never revealed how many quilts had to be done because I wasn't sure how many I could get done, but I was hopeful and all got done!!!  (except the one waiting and it is on the long arm)

So here is a bit of what I have done over the last couple of days as far as quilts go............

Customer quilt - DONE!
 I do believe this pattern is by Quilts by Jen.  A lot of Canadian symbols and of course made with Northcott's Quilts of Valour fabric.    Oh my - looking at the Northcott page - I found this.


and this................


I want (OK - NEED) some of both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I think it comes out in September.

Back to the customer quilt, I quilted it with a maple leaf/swirl design.

Quilting - maple leaves and swirls

The back that I had to join

Customer quilt - DONE!
 This is the mystery quilt from Quilts at the Creek in case you are making it!  Ooops - well now you see what it looks like!!!

I am always talking about thread colour. If the tension on your machine is working well - you can use two different colours and have no issues.

I like to use the same type of thread for all the quilting I do. The tension is set and it is pretty much perfect every time.

Pale yellow on the front

Grey thread on the back

Customer quilt - DONE

This is another Border Creek station pattern - but not a free one!!!

Yesterday morning this was the stack of "stuff" that still had to be dealt with before I leave. The stack is considerably smaller now, but there are still things to deal with. Fortunately I will be taking my laptop with me so I will be able to do paperwork while I am away.  I don't want to do any, but some will have to be done!!!!

Paperwork to be done!

And my kid was looking out for me the other day. Look what she found at Micheal's...............    Thanks M!!!!!!

Fabulous note book!!!!!

The other day, I was in Google Maps to look for something.  When I opened the page - I noticed the name of ONE store on the map. Ruti's Needlebed. How did that happen?????  

Ruti's Needlebed - right in the middle of Google Maps

Now a heads up - there is less than 24 hours before I leave for vacation. And I will be on the road for a couple of days so don't expect to get a blog update. I will be posting updates on Facebook - I will try to figure out to do mobile updates to the blog.   I just downloaded the Blogger app to my phone. Fancy that!!!!   I can do mobile updates - quick ones with pictures. Yeah me!!!!!

And just when I thought everything was OK with the iPod transfers - I went to transfer another book this morning and CRAP!!!!!   I downloaded the book - transferred it to iTunes and then do you think I could get the dratted thing synced to the iPod. Nope - didn't want to happen. However I took a break, came back and then somehow dragged and dropped?  and it started to sync.   OK - so perhaps I need some more practice.   I MUST download another Linwood Barclay book. Someone lent me one of his books and I started to read it yesterday.  Just can't stand at the long arm for too long before my leg drives me crazy, so I take some reading breaks!!!!    His books are page turners from the very beginning.   He is local to our area and well - I must go and find another one. I love them!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tiny Town update

Yep - I'm behind in  my posting of homework.  Here is the update from our Tiny Town class last weekend at Sew Sisters.   It was a long weekend so a number of people were missing.  We hope to get back on track by the end of the summer with the schedule!!!!

Tiny Town - the original by Bunny Hill


Karen (with the reverse machine applique technique - her houses are on the back side waiting to be exposed - like a sculptor releasing a statue from a block of granite!!!!



Vjera's other blocks (she was on vacation last month so we only saw part of her blocks)


Beth - whole grandaughter is helping her do the cutting, pasting and arranging. What a fun project to do with a young one

They are going to look awesome when they are completed!!!!!   Such a fun pattern and so much room to personalize!!!!!

We had some other show n tell as well.

Ida had this great pinwheel baby quilt.  Some lucky baby is going to have loads of fun sucking on those pinwheels!!!!

These pictures are more show n tell from the Amish class - I missed them yesterday.
Giovanna - I thought she said this was for her husband

Emily made this for her new baby that is coming in a couple of months!!

Mary is making this for her new dog!!!!!

Isn't it great to see that people are making things for a specific reason!!!!   Unlike me - who just makes!!!!  

Did you see the "neutral" backgrounds in Ida's block and Emily's quilt???   I want to give that a whirl. Those are so NOT neutrals to me, yet there is enough contrast that they look just fine.  I have seen some quilts where those neutrals do not have enough contrast and it looks less than desireable (to me!).

On that note - I've got another crazy busy day and I had better get started.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, May 23, 2015


Yepp - right now, I'm like a duck - all calm on the surface and underneath my brain is trying to calculate how to squeeze in some extra minutes to get everything done. Well - it is not that bad, but I just can't seem to quite get ahead!!!!  I will be running around like an idiot on the last day just madly throwing stuff into the car!!!!   Well not really, but I do need to leave soon or there will be a LOT of quilt stuff in the car!!!!   NO MORE STUFF!!!!   STEP AWAY FROM THE PACKED  BAGS!!!!

I did get some quilting done yesterday.

Customer quilt - DONE!!!!

I know - you are thinking - that is the same quilt I posted yesterday. NOPE - there were two similiar quilts.

The quilt from the day before
Very very simliar, BUT they have different coloured backings!!!!!!!   And yes - I had to put the bindings on the quilts as well.

Binding on quilt number one - DONE

Binding on quilt number two - DONE!

Both quilts together!!!!

Then I went to put the next quilt on the long arm and OH SHOOT - the backing needs to be made and the selvedges had to be hand trimmed and it had to be matched up!!!!   But since Tish was here working on some dresses, it was a perfect opportunity to chat while I did those "boring" jobs!!!!!

That quilt is now on the long arm and partially done. I HAVE to be finished by tonight, but I am teaching all day.  Yes - I am NOT good at scheduling and while I am away, I am going to have a good talk with myself and my calendar and get this figured out!!!!   There are still a couple more quilts that I want to get done before I leave so at soon as one quilt comes off - the next is on!!!!    It is going to be tight, but I think it is doable!!!!   I will have lots of time to relax in the next month.  

And YES - I finished the book last night. It was a good one!!!!   Glad that I was able to track it done. Big big thanks to Colleen!!!!  I love the fact that one of the characters in this book (a classic car fanatic was named Clive Cussler!!!!)   In real life - he is a classic car fanatic!!!!

Dragon by Clive Cussler

Now I had to do this post today - otherwise I would have got messages from M about it.  I love my Little Sammy. She is cute, but lately when we have been walking in the forest, she brings half of the leaves in with her because of her hair. We go through this every spring but seemed to be late this year. Have a look what happened yesterday..............



She's not fuzzy any more!!!!   But no leaves this morning after our walk!!!!    And she is really really camera shy. She hates the camera!!!!!!!    She looks like a different dog!!!!  and probably felt the cold this morning.

OK - time to get the day started.  I have THREE classes to finish prepping before I leave. That is another thing that MUST go on the calendar - I need class prepping days instead of trying to shove it in here and there.  Oh - I will be so organized when I get back!!!!!!

Have an awesome day and STAY WARM - I actually turned the heat back on last night and when I walked the dogs this morning, I had to put my hood up so I looked like a hoodlum as I walked the dogs!!!!  (in my PJs).