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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Monday Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so love our Monday sewing days!!!   The company is great, the location is excellent and it is even better when we have FOOD!!!!   Yesterday was our pot luck and well - there was loads of food.

But first - let's see some show n tell...........

Claudette is on a mission!  She has participated in a LOT of the $10 quilts at The Hobby Horse. Like myself - she never seemed to quite get them done. BUT she is working her way through them.  Here is ONE more top - DONE.

Cabin in the Woods - quilt top done!!!!   Claudette added a few extra borders to make a large quilt!!!   Original pattern by Possibilities.    I have TWO of these started and well - as we focus on applique this coming year - I should get my butt in gear and get working on finishing up some applique quilts.  Plus I need the space that these quilts are taking on the shelf!!!!

Now - just because she is working on finishing up stuff - doesn't mean she doesn't want to start new things. Here is her Chubby Charmer bag - DONE!!!!!!!

Chubby Charmer!!!

Look at the fancy stitching on the top of the pocket

AND the fancy stitching on the outside!!!!

I think everyone, well almost everyone finished those Chubby Charmers from the class last week.  My biggest problem - I have ideas for about THREE more bags and embellishments for the bags. Maybe I will work on that this afternoon.

Mary S was putting on a binding. Recognize that fabric????   Shasta by the ladies at The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw. 

Judith was finishing up the embroidery on two wall hangings for her daughters. 

Here are both of them - DONE!!!!!!   And you should see Judith's raw edge applique. She just drops those feed dogs and goes for it.  I tell you - she bought a new machine a while back and I don't think she regrets it one bit. She is having loads of fun!!!!

I know that Jan was working on Clue Three of Bonnie Hunter mystery, but she wasn't done so I didn't want to take a picture and then when we get together again - it will be over!!!!   I'll show you her finished top.

We all get so much done at Monday. I wouldn't miss that day of the week for anything!!!!!   I am working on a customer quilt. It is a dress that I spent the entire day ripping apart. Joyce asked me why I ripped out the stitching rather than cutting away the seams. Well - I am frugal and I might need every scrap of fabric!!!!   Plus it is pretty therapeutic to rip!!!!!   I forgot to take a picture of the dress before I ripped it apart but I will show you the pieces before I cut them up.

Then it was onto the FOOD!!!!!

All the main stuff got put into the kitchen. So nice to have access to a kitchen - a big spacious kitchen. I made squash soup and rather than worry about putting it in a crock pot to keep warm - I just warmed it up on the stove.   YES - I made the soup on Sunday.  I didn't mind because as I was preparing it - I was listening to my audio book!!!!!  

Part of the goodies!!!!

I have to show you these cookies made by Mary V.   An absolute hoot.

These are the PATCHWORK stockings. 

And these are the UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER cookies!!!!    What fun!!!!!

Mary - thanks so much for sharing those cookies with us. I know they took tons of time and we gobbled them down pretty fast - but we have pictures to remember them by.  And yes - they were very YUMMY!!!!!

Joyce was lucky enough to sit at the goodie table!!!!   
 I have been working on the long arm as well. No rest - as quick as I get the quilted quilts out the door - MORE come in!!!!  I don't know how that happens and two long arm quilters have moved out of the area recently. Yikes - I might have to get really serious about this business.

Customer quilt done!

Got two more quilts done as well - but alas - I forgot to take pictures and they are gone!!!!!

Charity quilt - DONE

Tried out a new pattern on the above quilt - a little weird to stitch out, but no mistakes. And it is fun and whimsical. I like it!!!

I try to get to bed by 10 PM and last night I was in bed at the usual time. However I was excited to get up and get back to work on the Storm at Sea. Then when the alarm goes off at 5 - I am tired!!!   But I got up and made major progress on the quilt.

The left half of the quilt is totally together. One quarter of the right half is together.  

Made progress on piecing the bits!!!!

And there are days when I wonder why I never get anything (or much done). Yesterday was one of those days. I unloaded the car from Monday and brought everything down stairs.

Three bags to sort and put away. So I spent a bit of time - putting things away, doing e-mails, sorting and getting things back where they belong. Because if I don't - we will have a MAJOR clutter problem and I don't want that!!!!!

And I received a donation of fabric the other day.  Some odds and ends - mostly upholstery stuff. It will make great bags. I think I am about done on getting fabric donations. I now have boxes that have to be dealt with and no more time!!!!!

While I was doing some tidying - I decided it was time to use my new toy. I have had this for a while. Won't even say how long - but it's been a while.  No idea if there is still a manual or software around. So I plug it into the computer to see what happens.  And a few seconds later - the drawing tablet by WACOM is ready to go.  Basically it replaces a mouse, but I am hoping to use it to edit photos. It is supposed to be much more sensitive than a mouse.

Drawing tablet

I did edit one of the above pictures using it.  Yikes - let's just say that it was like trying to draw a straight line while being severely intoxicated (not that I know what that state of being is!!!).   I think there might be a bit of a learning curve!!!   But I already like how much easier it was to edit that background out of Mary's quilt. A lot smoother lines as well.

Tish is a pretty creative person!  And she was talking about these little books that she recovered.  Of course - we all got excited, but couldn't really understand what she was talking about. Then she showed us a picture on her iPhone. Oh yes - I got really excited then. And then yesterday - she brought some in for us.  Now I am VERY EXCITED.   These little books - are so fabulous and she did an amazing job on them.  I LOVE IT!!!!!   The book looks very professional which is appropriate since she is a PROFESSIONAL CREATIVE  GENIUS!!!!!   Thanks Tish.

Tish's recovered book!!!!
 And Susan was recently in Vienna (how nice!).  Anyway look at what she brought back for me.

A bag of pasta - but not just any old past - NO - have a closer look...............

BICYCLE pasta!!!!

How cool is that!!!!!!!    Can you imagine if we had this kind of pasta on our bike trips?  That would be awesome!!!!

Well - on that note, I had better get myself off to work.  Today is the LAST class of 2014.  The same class - three times in one day!!!!   I love this class though and the participants are so eager to learn - it is loads of fun.   This is Quilting Inspirations at Ruti's Needlebed.

And then for the rest of the day?  Well - who knows what project will pop off the table and into my hands when I get back home.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Northern Lights reveal!

Ah yes - the reveal!  The last session of any of these on-going classes is the most exciting! Why? Well we get to see the final quilt top (and in some cases a COMPLETED quilt).  Everyone has worked so hard - got all the fabrics together, cut, sewed, pressed and well let's get at it.................

Mary - she is going to add TWO more borders to her quilt. Great colour combination!
 Shoot - I have to find Jane's picture. She wasn't at the reveal - off cruisin!  However she did bring in her top last month so she is off the hook!

AHA - found it - can't have Jane without Mary close by!!!   They are good friends and notice the colouring is very similar - yet it is different.    Great job Jane - can't wait to see it with the borders on!!!!

Oh yes - notice as we go through the pictures - everyone placed their blocks in different positions!!!!

Mary  (yes there were THREE of them in the class) - love it in neutrals

Love that little flat flange border!  Just a hint of colour - perfect

And look at the awesome back. All the leftovers!!!!!   I believe she is almost done (or done) the quilting.  AWESOME job.  I love when people just bite the bullet and get started.  It just means that the next one will be easier - the designs will be smoother and you will be more confident!!!!   Way to go Mary!!!!!

Karen's wild top.  Yes - it is an eclectic colouring, but you know - it WORKS and it is SO Karen.  I really like the colours!!!

Beth made her quilt smaller and added a sashing between the blocks.  Completely changes the look of the quilt!!!!

Raili - check out that border she added!!!!   Love it and I love the statement that center block makes in her quilt!!!

Marlene - a subdued look to her quilt. But.............

She did a LOT of fussy cutting with hers and it looks awesome. I love that striped fabric!!!

Genny - a real keener - her quilt was quilted (by herself on her long arm)

And it was even BOUND!!!!!

Some of the quilting - I LOVE IT!!!!!!    Great job Genny - 

This is Mary's quilt - she also had hers quilted (by herself on the long arm). Just needs a binding!!!!!

The back of the quilt! Love the quilting. Again - no fear - just load the quilt and GO!!!!!   I love that!!!!

Speaking of just going with the quilting - Marlene brought in another quilt for show n tell and she even did FREE MOTION stitch in the ditch. I am so PROUD of her for doing that.  She will never look back now!!!!

Susan - love this colourway. And YES - you can do green/red together and it doesn't look like Christmas!!!!

OH - another little flange, but it pops the colour in the quilt. A very useful little border!!!!

Helen Anne really changed things up - she used the templates to make the SMALL blocks, but then made way more blocks to get a BIG quilt. She is NOT putting borders on hers. Awesome - I do like the look of the small blocks in a bigger quilt!!!!

Flo - do you remember Flo from last month. She didn't know what to do with the borders?   Well - shall we look at what we suggested for her???

YES - it appears that this is what we choose!!!!!  Oh yes - that group was good with choosing borders and colours. Again Flo used sashing in her quilt and it looks fabulous - a very different look!
Karen with another wild combination. It would appear that the TWO Karens in the class LOVE wild and funky colour combinations. I love those bright "blue" star points!!!!!

And this is my small quilt. I made TWO - but didn't pull out the big one for the picture session. 

Here are some pictures from people who were not able to attend on the last day. These pictures were taken at the October meeting.

These blocks are from Nancy's quilt 

Marilyn's quilt - I thought I had a picture with the borders on - but not sure where that is

Extra blocks that will make up the backing of Marilyn's quilt

This belongs to Judith 

Oh yes - here is the picture of the borders we chose at the October meeting.  I didn't have enough of that blue - but I found a similar blue. 

Oh yes - this is my colourway for my big quilt. 

It is pretty neat to see all these quilts finished. Go back and have another look. What stands out in one - disappears in another. It mostly has to do with the VALUE of the fabrics they used, although in some instances the colour takes over. But it is mostly about VALUE.  Seriously - go back and study the pictures.

Oh yes - this is Northern Lights by Marti Michell - we used her templates sets - Set A and C for the small blocks and Set B and D for the larger blocks.

We had "other" show n tell and this belongs to Mary B.
Raindrops (pattern by Judy Neimeyer) - this quilt is stunning!!!   Mary's FIRST paper piecing!!!!!  Which goes to show that once you figure out the paper piecing technique - the complexity of the quilt has no bearing.  I have seen many people start paper piecing with something complex.  Looks complex, but when you break it down - it is very doable.  

On that note  - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!